Using simple arrays in bash

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With Bash to explicitly declare an array you have to use

declare -A mioarray

To have the value of element 5 just write

echo ${mioarray[5]}

While to change the value you have to write

mioarray[5]='new value'

${mioarray[*]} o ${mioarray[@]} is expanded by all array values while $[#mionome[@]} is expanded with the length of the array

What can we do with the arrays? For example, store the output of a command whose line we would like to go to a different item.

IFS=$'\n' mioarray=($(ls -alh))

At this point we can print output as

IFS=$'\n' echo "${mioarray[*]}"

Attention: Double quotes are important for not having the output on a single line.

Doing so we could do several tests on the same captured output once.


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