CMS: new installation

We are available for new CMS installations:

  • on your server;
  • on a new server or vm in the cloud;
  • on a server or vm to be reinstalled from scratch.

CMS: version update

Updating the CMS from one version to another must be done with great care by first providing a secure backup of the database, software and uploaded files and then updating the software.

In the case of major problems, you need to know how to restore the previous version using the backup.

In the case of updates to versions with significant changes to the software, it is useful to test updates on a copy of the site to verify in advance the changes and possible problems together with the customer.

  • For security reasons, we recommend updating to the latest version.

Graphic theme improvement or change

You don’t like the graphic theme anymore or you want to make it similar to your main site but you don’t know how to do it.

Some graphic aspect is not satisfactory or you would be eliminating something but you are not able to do it yourself.

  • change of graphic theme;
  • theme improvement;
  • change of some aspects of the CSS;
  • adding extensions.

WordPress: requests and customizations

We can intervene by adding and creating new plugins or directly in your favorite theme to:

  • new content-types to display content in a particular way grouped by type;
  • new taxonomies in order to associate specific lists with new fields;
  • modify the standard search by creation date in other fields based on specific requests;
  • new templates to design the page or article according to your needs.

Service and data Backup

For security reasons and to ensure the continuity of your services, it is necessary to have a backup system that allows you to restore the service to a given moment of time identified as stable and not corrupted.

The backup can be implemented in different ways based on the customer’s choice such as:

  • backup to local disk (but in this way we will be at operator risk and viruses or hardware problems);
  • backup to corporate or remote NAS;
  • remote backup via software such as NetBackup or similar;
  • on a cloud space such as Amazon S3 or Glacier or others.

System monitoring

To understand in advance a problem that could occur or in any case to be able to quickly intervene on a malfunction it is necessary to have a monitoring system.

In the simplest cases, monitoring could only be internal to the server while in all other cases it would be useful to provide for both internal and external monitoring that includes notifications to the manager.

  • monitoring via cron of the operating system;
  • preparation of internal monitoring scripts;
  • monitoring by external service such as Icinga;
  • timely intervention to restore the problem detected.

IT consulting as System Administrator

For any need relating to your server we are at your complete disposal with immediate IT assistance for:

  • new installation;
  • update;
  • internal and external monitoring;
  • system backup;
  • remote scheduled backup;
  • any other need.