p7m viewer firma digitale: come estrarre il contenuto - parte seconda

p7m viewer digital signature: howto extract the content – second part

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Given the success of the previous article on p7m files I wanted to continue in this by adding some things that I had left out and that came out in your comments, also I created a script that manages p7m files, a real p7m viewer, and I wanted to give them announcement so that it can be tested and if necessary improved.

p7m file

p7m digital signature: how to extract the content

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You will have to open a file with the p7m extension, that is, those coming from the PEC and signed digitally.
Well! It happened to me a few days ago.
Having no software running the file directly I lost some time to extract both the content and the signatures and verify the correctness.
So not to waste more time with you (but also with me when I recap) I think an article is needed.