Trust certificate authority per firma digitale

If you try to verify the signature of a p7m file without the Certification Authority (la CA), the verification fails ("unable to load certificate") because we do not have CA trust certificates (so-called Trusts).
These Certificate Authorities have been defined by Italian law and are registered on the CNIPA, which since December 2009 has become DigitPA, as a certificate of XML certificates and found them on the same site at

To have openssl manage them you have to put them in its format so:

wget -O - | perl -ne 'if (/<X509Certificate>/) {
s/^\s+//; s/\s+$//;
print "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n";
while (length($_)>64) {
print substr($_,0,64)."\n";
print $_."\n";
print "-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n";
}' >CA.pem

This way we have all the certificates in a single CA.pem file, unfortunately even those that may have expired. Even if it's over, we may need to check out an old file so we can also serve the expiration.
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