Services configuration

When installing a new server or vm to put a service available via the internet, it is necessary to pay attention to every configuration of each package in order to limit as much as possible unwanted intrusions to the server such as viruses or theft of personal information or private company material.

If possible, a firewall and antivirus should be included.

  • raid configuration and logical volumes;
  • firewall rule settings to ensure security;
  • based on the service provided, the antivirus could be configured;
  • if it is an Esxi or VirtualBox or LXd environment configuration for creating virtual machines;
  • configuration of services to be able to connect: ssh, vpn, ftp, web server such as Apache web server or Nginx, web accelerators such as Squid or Varnish, load balancers with HAProxy;
  • configuration of other services such as e-mail, dns, ldap and others