Postfix: what can we do

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things we can do for your mail server with Postfix:

  • install and configure Postfix according to your needs;
  • install MySQL as a database for Postfix for advanced use and to share configurations with other software such as Dovecot, and various filters;
  • install and configure Dovecot to read mail via imap, pop3;
  • install and configure SSL certificates for Dovecot and Postfix and for the web part (if installed);
  • install and configure ClamAV as antivirus;
  • install and configure SpamAssassin as a spam filter;
  • install Amavisd-new as an additional email filter;
  • insert records SPF, DKIM and DMARK in DNS;
  • install and configure the DKIM service as a filter for Postfix;
  • install and configure RoundCube to have web access to emails (Apache web server required);
  • install and configure Postfix Admin to manage the Postfix server, mail domains, mailboxes, aliases and quotas per mailbox and per domain as administrator (requires the Apache web server);
  • possibility to install the Postgrey filter for the greylists for Postfix;
  • we verify with customized tests both the proper functioning and the security of the server also through external services such as mail-tester.