Web Server

As a system administrator we manage, install and configure the web server.

New installation or migration of a web server

We are available for new web server installations such as Apache Nginx with or without web accelerator (http cache) such as Squid or Varnish with or without load balancing via HAProxy.

  • installation and configuration of Apache web server or Nginx parameters;
  • virtualhost configuration to have multiple websites in a single installation;
  • creation through external certification authorities and installation of SSL certificates;
  • creation of SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt and automation for automatic renewal;
  • server status check and monitoring.

Adding modules

  • php module;
  • perl language module;
  • module for SSO like Shibboleth;
  • safety modules and special operation.


To understand in advance a problem that could occur or in any case to be able to intervene quickly on a malfunction it is necessary to have a monitoring system.

In the simplest cases, the monitoring may just be internal to the server while in all other cases it would be useful to provide a monitoring both inside and outside providing notifications to the administrator.

  • monitoring via cron of the operating system
  • preparation of internal monitoring script
  • monitoring via external service such as Icinga
  • timely intervention to restore the detected problem

Web server or data backup

For security reasons and to guarantee the continuity of your services it is necessary to have a backup system that allows you to restore the web site at a given time identified as stable and not corrupt.

We can implement the backup in different ways based on the customer’s choice such as:

  • backup to local disk (but in this way we will be at risk operator and virus or hardware problems);
  • remote backup using software like NetBackup or similar;
  • on a cloud space such as Amazon S3 or Glacier or others.

IT support to the Web server

For any requirement relating to the Web server we are at your complete disposal.

  • New installation;
  • version update;
  • internal and external monitoring;
  • system backup;
  • planned remote backup;
  • any other need

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