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NextCloud: your open source intranet cloud

Nextcloud is an open source self-hosted synchronization and sharing file hosting solution designed to be easy to use and highly secure with features similar to Dropbox or equivalent online services.

Unlike proprietary online services, Nextcloud installs locally on your intranet on local disks so that you always have full control over the data.

Installation or upgrade

We are available for new Nextcloud installations or version updates:

  • installation and configuration of Nextcloud parameters;
  • version update;
  • migration to a new server;
  • virtual machine configuration (or physical server) if necessary;

Aggiunta di plugin

  • e-mail client;
  • calendar;
  • contacts;
  • and many others.

Nextcloud features

There are many interesting features that should not be underestimated:

  • data is always in your network (it is easier to respect the GDPR for privacy);
  • access is possible via web, with the Nextcloud client for Desktop for Windows, Linux or Mac, with both Android and IOS smartphones in the respective stores;
  • ability to encrypt end-to-end data
  • files can be stored on the server’s local disk but also on external services;
  • you can install many very useful plugins like mail client service, contacts, calendar, document viewers and many others like from his app store ;
  • it is possible to enable user authentication also through plugins, therefore via LDAP or IMAP servers or others in a way that simplifies management.

IT support

For any requirement we are at your complete disposal.

  • New installation;
  • version update;
  • internal and external monitoring;
  • system backup;
  • planned remote backup;
  • any other need

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