System Administrator: server or vm management

As a System administrator we can quickly resolve problems on your servers or services. New server, vm, esxi, VirtualBox, LXD installation or migration We are available for new installations of physical servers and operating systems: wiring and rack installation of the new physical server; hardware configuration such as raid cards; operating system installation; Installation of […]

Web Server

As a system administrator we manage, install and configure the web server. New installation or migration of a web server We are available for new web server installations such as Apache Nginx with or without web accelerator (http cache) such as Squid or Varnish with or without load balancing via HAProxy. installation and configuration of […]

Company network

We can help you configure your company network by dividing what an office can see over others and creating a DMZ on servers that provide services such as your web intranet, internal e-mail and the data management part such as databases and NAS. Of course we also check the antivirus part, the prevention through firewall […]

DNS featured image

DNS (Domain Name System)

We can help you create or configure your DNS, create a DNS domain for your intranet, change registrations or pass your domain to another provider or move it to your server to have free control over every aspect. Installation or migration of a DNS We are available for new installations or migrations of DNS servers. […]

Postfix featured image

Mail server: Postfix, Dovecot, MySQL and RoundCube

We can install and configure a secure mail server to manage your company email based on Postfix email server to send and receive while we will use Dovecot for reading emails and as a common database the MySQL database. Thus it will be possible to manage multiple domains at the same time and have disk […]

Nextcloud featured image

NextCloud: your open source intranet cloud

Nextcloud is an open source self-hosted synchronization and sharing file hosting solution designed to be easy to use and highly secure with features similar to Dropbox or equivalent online services. Unlike proprietary online services, Nextcloud installs locally on your intranet on local disks so that you always have full control over the data. Installation or […]